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"Thank you
I appreciate everything you have done to get my life back on track!
Thanks Jen"
Family Services Client



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Look what is planned for Term 4 at Hampton Park Community House!!
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Share your skills by becoming a Tutor at HPCH!


The annual Adult Learners Week started last Wednesday 1 September and runs to Wednesday 8 September 2021. The theme this year is ‘Change your story’ and it promotes the idea that people can make a fresh start, take their lives in new directions, start or create a new future through adult education. This has never been truer than now for the Learn Local sector and its learners.



Continuity of learning described as, the continuation of education in the event of a prolonged school closure or student absence (Australian government, 2020) needs the special skills of both learners and educators. Despite interruptions to usual science, tech, language and maths lessons in the classroom, children in our Out of School Hours (OSHC) program, continue with leisure-based play helping them to learn and grow.
This image illustrates the learning that happens while curious children are actively engaged in creative art practice. The educator expressed how much she enjoyed the process of pouring paint onto folded paper, closing it, rubbing the sides together and opening it out to reveal a surprisingly new art piece. She remarked how interesting it was how similar are the two sides of the picture were using this technique. Intrigued, young Oliver said, “  it is a symmetrical shape, can I do it, please? ”. Together, the educator and children created many different and colourful shapes. Oliver wrote the word symmetrical and carefully explained the meaning to others. Immersed in this art experience conversation and activity moved to make “ a list of symmetrical things around us, and we learned to write the word with correct spellings, talking about what letters were missing, compared the shape with birds butterflies…” observed, HPCH Educational Leader, Indu.
 “We are still learning science, maths and language in OSCH, despite the lockdown”, she said. Children never stop learning and growing, and with careful listening our HPCH educators, offer learners, opportunities to grow. Using a number of learning modes inspired by sociocultural theorist, Vygotsky (1978), as Indu explained ’ we just set the scene and scaffold”. Learning and teaching is both an art and science.


Today we wish Dads a very happy Fathers day.

HPCH EO, Kate is pictured here with her Dad.

If you want to acknowledge your father today too,

share your favourite Father/Child snaps.


So what do we do at Hampton Park Community House Family Services?
Here are just some examples :
• Working with Individuals and families in need within our community
• Case management - Referrals via Child First (9705 3939)
• Low-cost Confidential Counselling available
• Advocacy
• Information and referrals to other community service groups
• Support pantry
• Peer Support group for Women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse
• Feeling is Thinking - FisT, Children’s program (Primary School Aged children) Free 8-week program for children experiencing difficulty in expressing their strong feelings

So don't be shy and give us a call - we are here to help!



"Thank you so much for the 2 boxes of hampers.

Please convey heartful gratitude to the donors (Well-being) team too. It has indeed made our day in this trial and tribulation of pandemic situation.

On the contrary, I will keep praying for you all to get double-fold measures of blessings and provisions".
- Children’s Services Parent

What have you been learning during lockdown?


We are partnering with Anglicare, Parentzone in term 4 to present an online FREE parenting program "Growing Great Kids"
For Parents with Children ages from 0-11-YEAR-OLDS to join us in interactive sessions to share experiences, ideas & learn strategies to support your child:
- Responding to behaviour
- How to deal with tantrums?
- How to get kids to listen without having to yell?
- Anxiety in us and our kids.
- Helping parents, helping kids deal with anger.
- Strategies that work!
The brochure is on its way for registration. Interested? Have a brochure forwarded to you directly, Expressions of interest are welcome.
Contact Jen via



Here at Hampton Park Community House we run various short courses to help guide you into the job you really want!


Mindfulness grounding practises are really helpful. Simple and practical, I’ve used it often in varying forms. We have attached a little activity for you to do to learn how to do it
Also really good is to do some journaling…..writing down what is on your mind.  It helps if you have things revolving in your mind like a broken record! Gets it out of your head and helps you to process thoughts.


Here’s my pics……Lucy Lu, my little angel (an adorable little girl, she’s a demanding little diva…but oh so cute!)
Maggie May, my cuddly teddy bear (Loves everyone and is proud to announce herself with a loud howl….she loves a foot massage!)
Both girls, love walks and treats! They are both putting on weight from lockdown treats.
-Jen. S
Shear a picture of your beloved animals helping out while you are doing your work from home, and we will shear them here.
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Soon, we will be welcoming our own community podcast, presented by Rochelle and Carolyn.
With everything that is happening with Covid, everyone has experienced different levels of isolation. We are aiming to reengage the community and bring awareness to what is going on in Hampton Park and surrounds. This will be your space to share your stories, hear from experts on issues that are important to you and be an opportunity to be heard.
If you have a story to share or an organisation you would like to highlight within your community, please contact
Rochelle or Carolyn, by sending an email to:
or you can call Hampton Park Community House on 8768 8342.


Christine is a passionate and dedicated Adult Literacy and Numeracy Educator for Hampton Park Community House. Chrissy provides support and guidance to learners with specific learning difficulties like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia.



Happy birthday Amy!
Birthday's are a cause for celebration and a great excuse to show someone how much you care and appreciate them. When we celebrate someone’s birthday, we’re not only celebrating the length of their life, but we celebrate how much they’ve grown in the past year. Not only that, but a birthday wish can go far towards building a relationship – professionally or personally. Wishing someone a happy birthday is an easy way to create a positive experience between people in our community. We do prioritise our relationships and creating stronger connections in HPCH and become stronger role models for our children.
Also, don’t forget that we always get a chance to taste a yummy slice of cake



Our thanks to our local Bendigo Bank for the Covid19 protection package.


Are You OK?
Through these difficult lockdowns and complex covid situations, we are all feeling the pressure and frustration of fatigue.

Its important to talk about it. Get it off your chest! If you need support reach out for help. Hampton Park Counselling services are available.

Contact us to make an appointment. 8768 8342




• Thank you for taking on yet another role in your life at very short notice.
• Thank you for installing a school in your home.
• Thank you for persisting with online classroom applications and programs.
• Thank you for listening and being encouraging when schoolwork felt too hard.
• Thank you for offering to find out the answers together.
• Thank you for sharing motivation when the days felt so long.
• Thank you for balancing this on top of so much that has changed for you.
• Thank you for the hot meals and the full fridge at lunchtime.
• Thank you for bringing some fun to home-school.
• Thank you for reading books together and sharing ideas about them.
• Thank you for the late nights that you are working to fit everything in.
• Thank you for continuing to try.
• Thank you for turning up every day.
• Thank you for not giving up.
• Thank you for being a teacher to us not just now, but throughout our lives.
(Source: Australian Childhood Foundation )
From HPCH OSHC/VAC children and staff


The City of Casey is running a survey all about living and ageing well in Casey.
Please see the post below and click to complete the survey online.


Welcome Carolyn, part of a dynamic duo working on the Hampton Park Community House Podcast.
A passionate part-time Paramedic, Career coach and University tutor. Carolyn loves having more than ' just one job'. It adds spice and flexibility to life.
"I have worked for more than 50 or more employers and interviewed thousands of people during my 8 + years in Recruitment. I have travelled and worked overseas and know how it feels to be out of work (not great!). I have re-trained at university to change careers mid-life and I am now back at University to add to my skills as a coach (just can't get enough!). I am also an e-cpr practitioner & volunteer for the Just Listening Community."



Understanding and identifying Family Violence is the only way to combat it!




Welcome to the House. Rochelle. a final year Diploma in Community Services student, currently completing her work placement at Hampton Park Community House.
Together with the Hampton Park Community House, (Community Services team), we are in the process of implementing a Community Podcast where the community voice is at the forefront. I have always loved working with people and getting to know them and their story and this podcast is a great way to empower and give voice to the community.
Do you have a story to tell? We’d love to hear it.
or call T: 87688342





We are delighted to welcome Diane J to the Community Services Team. As Community Learning and Development Coordinator, Diane will work with the Adult Educators, Volunteers and Hampton Park Care Group Members and support the Community Services domain area to deliver programs and projects.
Diane (DJ) is an experienced trainer and team Leader working in the NFP sector. Skilled in Management, Customer Service, Coaching, Employee Training, and Public Speaking, she has a passion for helping people. Diane is also a roller derby enthusiast and professional performer. She is a Mum, her son is currently completing VCE.



Social stories are considered a type of social narrative which is a concept devised by Carol Gray in 1991. The objective is to share information and educate which is often through a description of the events occurring around the subject and also why. They can be told by an educator, parent, a social worker or school psychologist. Social stories model appropriate social interaction by describing a situation with relevant social cues, other's perspectives, and a suggested appropriate response. About one half of the time, the stories are used to acknowledge and praise the successful completion of an accomplishment. Australian childhood foundation has been developed a series of social stories to support children since the beginning of the pandemic. HPCH children’s service would like to share them with you so that we all can support children around us together

The link to download the book





“Thank you so much Edith for your kind words of encouragement and empowerment. I admire your passion for your work. You are truly inspirational”

(Family Services client feedback)
We love to hear positive feedback and agree. Great work Edith!


During lockdowns, many of us working from home are enjoying the company of furry work colleagues.
This is Kate's #notourcat Marigold making sure that she stays warm whilst she is working from home!
Share a picture of your beloved animals helping out while you are doing your work from home, and we will share them.
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This is (Ethan)one of our Young inventors in OSHC/VAC group from Rivergum Primary School, Hampton Park. He made his machine, came to me with a big smile and I saw his pride of achievement. When I praise his fantastic effort, patience and eagerness to complete his task and take photos, he wanted me to take pictures of all facades of his engine, which is showcased here. Acknowledging children by providing them with positive feedback, encouragement and also express our joy of seeing their efforts is a crucial part of social-emotional learning and development in early childhood education. Nothing could make us happier than seeing children’s pride in their own achievement. We have a fantastic group of children in our HPCH OSHC/VAC programme. We love them all!


Enrol in this course by 9th August and receive a *15% discount on our Mental Health First Aid course.
*Discount can be used to complete Mental Health First Aid course at Hampton Park Community House
*Valid to use within 6months.
*Offer ends 5pm 9th August 2021


What is Family Services?

The aim of the Family Support Service is to strengthen the capacity of families to meet the challenges they face at different times in their lives.

Delivering a range of free services to families with children aged between 0 – 18 to promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.
An individual support plan is created that may include services such as individual or family counselling, participation in group education programs and/or referral to a specialist service, general information and advice.
Family Services Support is accessed through self-referral via Child First or The Orange Door. Please contact Jen or Edith for further information.
Phone: 8768 8342




We replace plastics as much as we can with natural recycled materials, and I thought of sharing this message with families. 'Outlook' recycle centre is a great place to go with children who are hands-on with their innovative and creative thinking and interested in trying out their ideas with their motor-cognitive skills. This is a place you can purchase many recycled resources from 20c -50c onwards.
We already have a room full of several OSHC children who are marvellous creators.  This is the pile of items we bought to redesign our learning spaces during the lockdown.

During lockdowns, many of us working from home enjoyed the company of furry work colleagues.
This is Diane's 5 month old Bordoodle puppy, Kylo. If you're a Star Wars fan you'll like the name! She has been keeping Di company in her home office during lockdown and has been enjoying the extra walks!
Share a picture of your beloved animals helping out while you are doing your work from home, and we will share them here.
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P E T  H E L P E R S  
During lockdowns, many of us working from home enjoyed the company of furry work colleagues.
Today we introduce Harvey an 11-year-old Border Collie.
“He likes to sit with you while you work and seeking lots of attention, even more so if you are having a snack or lunch in hopes of you sharing it with him”. -Chloe T
It's great to see the good in these times and to have a bit of fun too!
Share a picture of your beloved animals helping out while you are doing your work from home, and we will share them here.
Or email us:




7 year old Vacation Care participant invented a new gadget.

This amazing machine can convert dinner into dessert!




Today is International Friendship Day
International Friendship Day was declared by the United Nations in 2011 to foster friendships and bridge the gap between race, religion, and other determinants keeping people from enjoying friendship with each other. It's a campaign promoting unity within diversity! 

The exchange of Friendship Day gifts like flowers, cards and wrist bands is a popular tradition on this occasion.




The Victorian Learn Local Awards are held annually by the Adult,

Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board and celebrate the success of individuals, programs and training providers across Victoria.

Through ACFE Board-funded pre-accredited programs (Learn Local courses),

the Learn Local sector plays a pivotal role in ensuring Victorians develop the core skills they need for study, work, and life.

Core skills includes literacy, numeracy, English language, employability and digital skills.

We invite you to nominate your Educator or a fellow learner.

We have so much to celebrate!



Time to seek counselling?
Need someone who will listen?
Want to be heard?
As the saying goes " a problem shared is a problem halved"
Taking time to share can make a difference to your ability to cope.
Low cost, short term counselling services
Please call 8768 8342
What better way to spend a winter's Sunday than fuelling their imagination!

Our Children Services Educational Leades has 3 pets and one is so dramatic!  He knows whenever there is a Zoom meeting and he becomes the centre of attentions.  He pretty much covered all her Zoom meetings last year.
These are photos of her home staff.
The big boy is Harley, and the feline couple is Mr Wallen and Ms Tilly.  All were adopted from animal shelters.

In Childrens Services we were thinking of putting up a  pet wall for children to share the joy of having a pet .

What is Counselling?

A Counsellor is a trained, objective professional with whom you can build a healing and trusting relationship.
They are trained to offer different types of assistance;
most frequently talking-based styles of therapy.
Counsellig is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems.
The Counsellor helps you address your problems in a positive way
by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness.
For some people just the process of telling their story to a consellor, and being listened to, is helpful.
As we have children of essential workers in our before and after school care
during the lockdown period we search for fun experiences to beat the boredom and winter cold on rainy days.
We quickly planned to make something warm, cheesy, juicy and crusty and have come up with this idea.
It turned out to be this yummy pizza and couldn’t be proud more of our fantastic pizza makers
after seeing these pizza decorations adding colours, shapes and flavours together.
It was a fantastic STEM experience for our young children attended.
V A C A T I O N   F U N
HPCH  vacation program has invited Doreen Djong,
a retired chef of Hampton Park Tavern to make sushi with our children in the vacation care programme.
Doreen is now the head chef for all community lunch events happening in HP uniting church too.
Children were engaged in every step, by organising the hall, setting chaired up, cleaning and wiping the table.
They were all enjoying putting vegetables , seafood, avocado and tuna mix together with rice on a sushi roll paper and make their own sushi.
Many were excited about the stickiness of rice and enjoyed the tactile experience other than getting irritated.
Because they knew that without sticky rice, there won’t be any sushi.
Doreen was teaching all children how to roll rice , roll the paper how to organise pieces of vegetables.
Most importantly she showed that not only one way or shape to make sushi but we can be creative as we want,
make it in many different shapes and sizes.
To make the moment of meeting two great cooking legends, Doreen from uniting place Hampton Park
and Najah from HPCH together we didn’t forget to take a picture of them together too.