Childcare -Playgroup, Before and After School Care, Pre-Kinder and Occasional Care

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Our Philosophy

At Hampton Park Community House, our local First Nation’s community tell the popular story of a birthing tree, said to be the large gum tree out the front of the House. The tree is a significant symbol of the deep history of this place which has welcomed children and families for millennia. As custodians of this House and our Children’s Services, we continue this long legacy. Like the tree that provides our House with shelter and place to come together, we as a community protect and nurture our children and each other now and for generations to come.

Our Children’s Services has strong roots in a rich and culturally diverse community that believes:

  • All children have the right to experience quality childcare and education
  • Each child is an individual with unique abilities, possessing their own potential and offering an important voice to their learning experiences
  • The strength of the local community in its cultural diversity, relationships and unity are the foundations for excellent care and learning for all children
  • The learning environment must be welcoming, fun, play-based, safe and supportive and actively involves parents, carers and families
  • Children, their families and community are connected by the activities, learning and play at the House and this is based on respectful relationships, acceptance and a strong sense of belonging.

There are three foundational pillars that underpin our Children’s Services Philosophy:

  • Our community, families and social connections – by working together we build a strong and loving community who shares stories that bind us together
  • Children’s physical and emotional wellbeing development – by building resilience, love and respect for ourselves and each other
  • Learning through belonging – by enabling the children to engage in the community and environment around them.


Child Safe Statement

Hampton Park Community House is committed to creating and maintaining a child safe organisation where protecting children and preventing and responding to child abuse is embedded in the everyday thinking and practice of all Board of Governance members, employees, contractors and volunteers.

Hampton Park Community House has zero tolerance of child abuse and is committed to creating and maintaining a child safe and child friendly place where all children are valued and protected from abuse.


The Hampton Park Community House prides itself on the caring children’s services that we provide.

We like to think of our House, as your house where your children come to learn and play. 

Hampton Park Community House affirms the organisation’s commitment to child safety. We have a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse, and we are committed to upholding children’s best interests and keeping them safe, and we actively work to listen to and empower children within an organisation.

When children arrived the Out of School hours program after school we provide them healthy afternoon tea prepared In our own kitchen and let them play in the backyard and indoor providing them various activities including spontaneous activities and setup activities. Our fully qualified staff will be supervising children all the time.

All under the watchful eye of our fully qualified educators. Children in the Early education area are encouraged to enjoy a variety of activities and to explore and learn about their environment.


To enquire about before and after school care program, please contact the office on 9798 0343

Information on the program can be found in our 2021 Information Guide for OSH.